Davidson Aviation
12145 Avion Drive
Anchorage, AK 99516
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fishing in alaskaDavidson Aviation is an Anchorage based air carrier owned and operated by Danny and Susan Davidson. Danny has flown in Alaska since 1973, including flying for the Iditarod Air Force for 29 years.

We fly a variety of landing gear, floats, wheels, tundra tires or skis to suit the needs of the trip and or the season.

Flight seeing is by far our most popular trip. Taking off from an Anchorage airport or lake, the scenery begins immediately and continues ceaselessly until landing back in home.

Glaciers are, by far, the most popular sight. There are dozens of glaciers within an hour of Anchorage, and they are in almost all directions so the chance of a weather day is unlikely.

Wildlife viewing is second in popularity, with a variety of wildlife in season within 15 minutes of Anchorage.

For the more adventurous, custom trips can also be designed. Price is based on the particular trip. One, two or three-day trips can be a lot of fun and can include lodging or camping, to suit your needs. Just call to arrange your custom tour package or fill out our form HERE.

Davidson Aviation uses two of it’s planes for Christian Pilots Association of Alaska mission trips. These include Bush deliveries of disaster relief items, food and Christian workers and evangelists. All profits generated by Davidson Aviation will go to Christian Pilots Association..

Call 907-248-5577 or email danny@davidsonaviation.com and schedule your Alaska flying adventure today.