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fishing in alaskaAre you looking for an experienced Alaskan pilot who can fly you to locations seldom seen by most visitors to Alaska? If you're looking for a real Alaskan flying adventure Davidson Aviation can make your Alaska vacation a unique experience.

Your pilot, Danny Davidson, has flown in Alaska since 1973, and is offering over 36 years of experience in all seasons.

The continually changing conditions in Alaska require first hand experience. You can rest assured that your safety is our #1 priority. Danny holds an exemplary safety record and has practical knowledge acquired during 36 years of flying in all kinds of conditions.

The conditions encountered while flying as an Iditarod Air Force pilot for 29 years have been invaluable. In addition to his piloting skills, Danny is a life long Alaska who has traveled all over the state and will provide you with informative tips as you travel in his comfortable Cessna 185.

Call 907-248-5577 or email danny@davidsonaviation.com and schedule your Alaska flying adventure today.